Titanium Zirconium Carbon Applications

Titanium Zirconium Carbon Picture

What does titanium zirconium carbon(TZC alloy) used for ?

Titanium Zirconium Carbon Applicaitons:

TZC alloy has excellent high temperature strength and high recrystallization temperature, also has a good plasticity at room temperature. Be in a very bad condition to make a high-temperature structural materials and high-temperature processing of tool materials.

TZC alloy bar,plate material is used as a high-temperature thermal processing of metal molds, such as high-temperature alloy powder isothermal forging mold, nonferrous and ferrous metal die-casting mold, seamless steel pipe piercing plug.

Bulb furnace used in color television sets platinum-rhodium alloy coated TZC alloy stirrer skeleton spindle,because it is in 1150 to 1250℃, perennial continuous rotation which requires high temperature glass melt material, the Torque conditions arising in the long-term withstand high temperature shock and stirred glass do not deform under, bend, brittle fracture, so the selection of high temperature strength high TZC alloy.

TZC alloy having a higher melting point, this can be used for ferrous and non-ferrous metal die-casting mold materials and seamless stainless steel pipe piercing plug, such as copper rotor die on the engine. It is also for a large number of plates, for the furnace wall and the heat of the high-temperature furnace, etc.Isostatic presses heat shield high-temperature structural materials; addition, located in the nuclear energy saddled.

TZC alloy is also used more widely, such as radiation shield, cage, heat exchangers, rail, etc.