Titanium Zirconium Carbon Properties

Titanium Zirconium Carbon Picture

Why should we use titanium zirconium carbon(TZC alloy) ?

Titanium zirconium carbon(TZC alloy) advantages compared to pure molybdenum:

Above 1100°C tensile strength is about twice that of unalloyed molybdenum

Better creep resistance

Higher recrystallization temperature

Better welding properties.

Material Elements Symbols Density(g/cm3)20℃ Melting Point(℃) Boiling Point(℃)
Titanium Ti 4.506~4.516 1668±4 4377
Zirconium Zr 6.49 1852±2 3530
Carbon C 3.513 3727 4827

High temperature tensile strength and elongation of TZC alloy:

Material Elements Symbols Temperature(℃) Mons’ Hardness Scale Tensile strength(MPa)
Titanium Ti 1000 6 1500
Zirconium Zr 1000 5 3000
Carbon C 1000 1~10 4000

Thermal Properties of TZC Alloy Composition:

Material Elements Symbols Thermal Expansion(/K) Thermal Conductivity(Wm·K)
Titanium Ti 10.8×10-6 15.24
Zirconium Zr 9.6×10-6 2.09
Carbon C 29×10-6 5~20

Titanium zirconium carbon by melting into ingots or powder sintered into ingots processing preparation of various profiles , but require a higher processing temperature and processing pressure.

TZC alloy bar,plate material is used as a high-temperature thermal processing of metal mold , such as the superalloy powder isothermal forging die , non-ferrous metals and ferrous metal die-casting mold , seamless steel perforated head the formation of two-phase approach to strengthen the organization of molybdenum alloy.