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tzc alloy
tzc alloy
This is a mini-website professionally introducing  Titanium Zirconium Carbon(TZC Alloy)  offered by Chinatungsten Online. .....
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Titanium Zirconium Carbon

This is a mini-website professionally introducing titanium zirconium carbon(TZC alloy) offered by Chinatungsten Online. Chinatungsten Online specializes in manufacturing and supplying pure molybdenum, molybdenum alloy and others related for more than two decades. As a private enterprise and non-public company in Chinese Mainland, based on website of Chinatungsten(www.chinatungsten.com), we started our molybdenum business as 1st e-biz molybdenum company in 1997. After more than ten years’ hard work, depending on our qualified molybdenum products, advanced technology, modern facilities and scientific management, we obtained ISO9001 Certificate several years ago. We always value credit as our life, and are trying our utmost to offer best service to our clients. Any enquiry or questions through will be warmly welcome.

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